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Inflation Point FAIL

accidental sexy balloon - 6838379264
Created by Unknown

Hitting Your Demographic FAIL

advertisement whoops accidental sexy juxtaposition - 7041997568
Created by Unknown

Ad Placement FAIL

advertisement whoops accidental sexy placement - 6941291520
Created by Unknown

Are You Really, REALLY Excited for Christmas?

christmas accidental sexy decoration christmas lights fail nation - 8394187264
Via Acid Cow

This is the Apocalypse "Terminator" Was Referring to

accidental sexy robots cancer newspaper - 8277733888
Via Bad Newspaper

We're Going to Have to Take In ALL The Bad Weather Today

accidental sexy dude parts weather On-Air Blooper fail nation - 8361284864
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That Was the Intention, Yes

sign not what it sounds like accidental sexy church - 6992297472
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Santa is Expecting a Present This Year...

accidental sexy Awkward santa fail nation - 8381747456
Via musicalcassean

PetVac Position FAIL

advertisement pets accidental sexy not what it looks like vacuum - 6928269312
Created by Kitsune

Inappropriate Fruit Use FAIL

accidental sexy banana best of week Hall of Fame no thanks sign store - 6593004544
Created by Unknown

Store Display FAIL

fashion accidental sexy store display store - 6994950400
Created by Unknown

This Kills the Martial Artist

accidental sexy Awkward martial arts - 8368627712
Via I Heart Chaos

The Importance of the Comma in One Picture

accidental sexy cars truck fail nation - 7374832896
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Happy for Who?

headline accidental sexy Turkey funny newspaper - 7926136576
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I Know an Entire Committee That Could Use These Services

Via Brown Cardigan

That Doesn't Seem Relevant to the News at Hand...

bewbs accidental sexy lady bits - 8328474880
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