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FAIL fire Walmart Video - 86016769

Looks Like Walmart Is Up In Flames These Days, Folks

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Low Prices, Low Shame

news drunk driving Walmart Probably bad News - 7039560448
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Invisible Arm FAIL

facebook marketing photoshop Walmart - 6545503232
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Wow, What a Bargain!

wow what a bargain
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Classing It Up at the Walmart

merica classy Walmart trucks - 7114924800
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destruction teenagers Walmart Video - 72386305

Proof That Teenagers Have The Worst Ideas of What's "Fun"

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What About the Red and White? This is Only 1/3 Freedom!

freedom Walmart funny - 7482291712
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File Under: "EEEWWWWWW"

news gross Walmart Probably bad News - 8120601600
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Don't Worry, Nobody Will Notice

sign Walmart fail nation g rated - 8197346048
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