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FAIL technology GoPro cute parenting Video vacation - 75886849

When Your Dad Isn't Great With Technology, He Might Just End Up Filming His Entire Vacation As a Selfie

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bros motorcycles FAIL idiots Video - 61931009

Show-off of the Day: Motorcyclist Bro Fails Miserably in Front of His Friends

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The dumbest things that people have ever heard. | tocanofd 9h S 1 Award sat next girl bio who got 40% on our first test. She seemed quite pleased and said now she only needed get 40% again have an average 80 O Reply 1 222

Dumbest Things People Have Ever Heard

The cluelessness is strong with these ones.
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All bases covered.

FAIL food - 8565429248
drink beer FAIL beer pong Video - 294663

In Beer Pong, You Might Just Be Your Own Biggest Opponent

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FAIL driving cartoons motorcycle win thief - 76635905

Instant Karma in Mirror is Closer Than It Appears

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A Lesson in Safety (Past and Present)

A Lesson in Safety (Past and Present)
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accident British bbc FAIL politics - 81350913

Immediately After David Cameron Gave His Resignation Date, He Adorably Forget His Mic Was Still On

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Anthony Weiner is a Great Example of How Not to Sext as a Dad

funny fail image Anthony Weiner busted sexting with toddler son in bed with him
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Spin Harder, Fly Harder or Go Home

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Life's Tough, Wear a Helmet

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whoops FAIL water Video justin bieber - 529668

J. Biebs Gets a Splash Landing on Stage in 3... 2... 1...

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mcdonalds japan cup fail

Japan's New McDonald's Cup Design Is Hilariously NSFW (13 Images)

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Contractor manages to avoid a completely delusional choosing beggar | Thanks getting back so quickly, but price is way too high. My budget is around $5,000. Hi went over design, all materials chose were far over $5,000 custom tiles 60 x 30 are worth more than $5,000 alone, not mention all other things included Scope work.

Contractor Dodges Delusional Choosing Beggar

Yikes indeed.
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One Road Painter's Misspelling is Another Man's Opportunity For a Bird Joke

funny fail image misspelled road sign leads to bird joke
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Couldn't Have Predicted This...

FAIL psychic - 8753047040
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