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The FAILed Sonic Try-Outs


Well That Lasted About as Long as Teen on Prom Night

FAIL broken irony - 8580886528
Created by Jon B.
whoops FAIL water Video justin bieber - 529668

J. Biebs Gets a Splash Landing on Stage in 3... 2... 1...

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FAIL cars dumb crash Video - 79964929

Dude Tries to Climb a Giant Rock With His Car and Fails Miserably

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comments FAIL fight Video - 83736065

Ozzy Man's Hilarious Commentary of the Irish Bouncer Kicking the Sh*t out of These Bros Is Almost Better Than the Fight Itself

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whoops FAIL Video - 72015105

When George Stephanopoulos FAILs to Choose His Words Carefully, Mindy Kaling Helps Him Out

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emergency FAIL cartoons Video - 82025217

No One is Surprised About This Kid's Side Affect After Playing with a Doggie Chew Toy Lands Him in the Emergency Room

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caught news FAIL TV Video - 470276

This Commenter on TV is Every Student Who Got Caught BS-ing Their Source Page For a School Report

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The Hot Tip This Police Twitter Account Wants is Quite a Shape

funny fail image police ask on twitter for tips in penis shaped map area
Via @ASPolice

That's What They Call a TK-Noooooo

Via cloacacarnage

Hopefully Demi Lovato's "Trap Queen" Pun Costume Doesn't Catch on This Halloween

halloween fail Demi Lovato's "Trap Queen" Pun Costume
Via MTV's Girl Code

And Here They Come For the Win

Via fidorulz

There's a Reason That Isn't How Most People Use a Piñata...

FAIL gif right in the face - 6456077824
Created by Unknown
FAIL Subway Video new york city - 81229057

Watch New Yorkers Struggle With the MetroCard Swipe

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shoes twitter FAIL - 962821

A Designer at London Fashion Week Just Had Models Wearing Crocs and Oh God the Internet is Not Okay With This

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easter FAIL toddler parenting right in the face Video - 78830849

Easter Egg Dying Requires Some Finer Motor Skills

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