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He Must've Had Some Cruel Parents

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Wow, When Did Humanity Get Spread So Thin?

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Message From Le 4chan Army XD

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Riddle Me This, Science!

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Schizophrenia, The Internet, and You

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By Unknown

When You Can't Even Distinguish Parody From Reality, Something is a Problem

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The Importance of Clear Instructions

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Can't Sleep, Vevo Ads Are Watching Me ...

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Please Just Kill Me Now

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By mozoa

Guitarists Get All the Groupies!

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By Unknown

Like a Dog Who Finally Caught its Tail

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Working in the YouTube Complaints Department

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How to Spot an Australian Online

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Those Last Two Feet Make All the Difference

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By Uniplex (Via Youtube)

When You Rhyme This Well You Don't NEED to Rhyme

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