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The Decemberists Turn Crappy Youtube Comments into Beautiful Lyrics

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The Internet: Where Random, Unjustified Hate Goes to Live

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Via Brown Cardigan

Guitarists Get All the Groupies!

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By Unknown

What a Dummy!

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By Unknown

"Don't Quote Me on That"

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By Unknown

Go Slinky, Go Slinky, GO!

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By Unknown

Riddle Me This, Science!

Via Fermats_Last_Account

Good Effort, Try Again

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By Unknown

By the Grace of Swag I Go

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Via Failbook

Why Can't We All Respect That We're All the Worst?

Via Reddit

I Read This 189,550 Times

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By Unknown

Skynet Will Destroy Us All

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By madfishmonger


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Via Brown Cardigan

Your Comment is at a 7, We Need You to Take it Down to a 3

Via Brown Cardigan

When You Rhyme This Well You Don't NEED to Rhyme

burn rap youtube comments youtube - 8354309632
Via Brown Cardigan

Schizophrenia, The Internet, and You

comment talking to yourself youtube youtube comments - 6331542528
By Unknown
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