How Does This Happen?

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People are terrified of creepy house listing after it was shared on Twitter.

This Disturbed Nightmare House Listing Is Scaring the Hell Out of Everyone

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I'm Flushed With Embarrassment for You

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Seriously, What's the Deal with These Quizzes?

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Sounds Like a Cover-Up

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The Love Bug

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bad products and services people said never again | zaagan-daas More Dollar Tree shredded cheese. Just. Don't. Please don't be like and try NitroTitan 16.0k points 2 days ago dollar store my area has $1 steaks can't imagine trusting 1 steak not kill

Things People Bought and Said "Never Again"

Hindsight is spending more on cheese.
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Do I Have to Work with HER?!

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Every Joke Has an Origin

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By Sam

Ashleigh Would Like to Have a Word With You

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The Next Stage. Clearly.

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A choosing beggar assumes helpful stranger will pay for new computer.

Choosing Beggar Asks For Computer Help, Assumes Stranger Will Pay For It

That spiraled out of control quickly.
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Mark Your Territory

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By samclimbs

You've Got to Be Kidding

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By sonalis

ZZ Top Is Still Around?

zz top loves a shark dressed man
Via Chef Olson
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