cringeworthy vintage ads empowering women or lack thereof

27 Vintage Ads You Wouldn't Believe Were Actually Real

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He'll Never Be Clean Again

picture rage comic shower wtf - 4970576384
Via Wthtcat

PETA: People for Entertaining Trolling by Animals

animals peta wtf your friends are laughing at you - 5185483008
Created by mikejhaze

Drama Plagues a Small Town as They Argue Over This Seagull With Boobs

image wtf statue Drama Plagues a Small Town as They Argue Over This Seagull With Boobs
Via @5Tacos

Spaghetti-Os... Are You Okay?

wtf - 7948713984
Created by Unknown

The Horror!

spiders wtf Oreos cookies failbook - 7105954048
Created by NouraP
scary twitter wtf baseball nightmare fuel glitches MLB - 1776133

Horrifying MLB Glitch Ends Up Creating Nightmare Fuel, Leaves People Traumatized

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Employee gets fired, and then makes company lose around $100K |r/ProRevenge u/hoodlvm fired and made company lose over £100k So l used work at family run builders merchants and trade sales advisor fired bringing up health and safety concerns an email sent manager and fact apparently "unhappy my role did nothing wrong but they still sacked Now worked there had clients had built good relationships with and even become friends with some them. They would get beers and whiskey at

Employee Gets Fired, Makes Company Lose Over $100K

Oh, they got them good.
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That's No Hug

mom text vagina wtf - 5471346432
Created by Unknown

Was The Accident Getting Caught?

accident crime wtf - 6056948736
Created by Unknown

Something's Definitely Broken

common sense driving mobile wtf - 6003419136
Created by Mr_Vice


drama romance wtf - 3238486528
Created by Unknown
prison wtf facebook texting - 1824517

Inmate Offhandedly DM's Chick From Prison And We're All Horribly Confused

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Failbook: #Bony2012

failbook Featured Fail Kony news twitter wtf - 5986393600
Via NBC San Diego

Maybe he Meant Virtual Reality

facts religion typo wtf - 5900774656
Created by MattGodd
Man tells girlfriend that she doesn't work hard enough for her salary. | r/AmltheAsshole Join u/throwaway862610 1d 2 1 AITA being frustrated my girlfriend doesn't work hard at her job and gets paid nearly twice as much as do? Asshole My girlfriend and both work tech, she's safety validator software, working at consulting firm, and doing network infrastructure support both worked different offices didn't know much about her day day life at work knew she made lot more than 120k my 66k, and she

Man Tells Girlfriend She Doesn't Work Hard Enough For Salary

Definitely not the move, my dude.
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