The flight of the year drone flying video

Man's Drone Flying Skills Are Superhuman

Conductor must've been pissed.
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Featured Fail groups Pokémon win - 3173827328
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County mower messes with dad's shrubs, so dad ends up taking revenge with rebar | r/ProRevenge u/SwizzleMalarki 1y Join County mower trimmed down our shrubs no reason. Go ahead and try again First time posting reading post on here about neighbor running over poles their yard and reminded this story. Also writing this my phone, so bear with Tl;dr at bottom 7 or 8 my dad planted row shrubs along front property. They started out as scrawny sticks, but fast-forward few years and they were big

County Mower Shreds Dad's Shrubs, Dad Revenges With Rebar

Hard to mow a reinforcing bar.
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battle of the sexes oh snap win witty comebacks - 4305176064
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Parents + Facebook = Embarrassment

definition mom name oh snap parents win - 5600097536
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Facebook's Newest Button

button lol win - 4777859840
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Someone Call John Conner

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twitter Video win police - 478212

Keep Calm and Casually Take Down a Suspect

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The Science Staff Room

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A terrible boss ends up losing their profits after selling company | r/ProRevenge u/eliechallita 3y Join Cost horrible boss all profits selling his company met an amazing mentor while doing my masters US who hired work company where he COO after graduated an immigrant US, so my visa is conditioned upon being employed: get red, and would quickly get deported back Middle East CEO company planning on selling company much larger British firm, so he wanted maximize revenue short term so he could get

Horrible Boss Loses Profits From Selling Company

Terrible boss learned their lesson the hard way.
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Friends' bookstore idea starts out all cheery, and then just keeps on going | Leanne Brown @LanLanLanBan couple nights ago couldn't sleep because spent three hours imagining myself owning bookshop also sold baked goods. 20:19 08/08/2016 Twitter iPhone ili View Tweet activity 2 Likes Jasmine @_JAZZ 09/08/2016 v Replying LanLanLanBan Leanne reckon this is viable business option and l'd like us pursue dream together

Friends' Bookstore Idea Starts Out Positive, Keeps On Going

Well, this is unreasonably adorable.
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bad idea everyone is laughing win witty comebacks your friends are laughing at you - 4104764416
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