Well They Divorced Quickly!

well that escalated quickly wife husband divorce - 6879695616
By ErinWoman18

Where Has All The Simplicity Gone?

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That's Better

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By Caelestia
that escalated quickly marriage fired wife freakout - 1812229

Nice Husband Asks Why Company His Wife Worked For, For 11 Years Fired Her, And Things Escalated To Hilariously Epic Proportions

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Finding Bin Laden

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By teaelle

Facebook Affair: You're Doing It Wrong!

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By Stacy

She Might Meed an Explanation

marriage wife relationships husband dinner - 6991498240

Sounds Like the Perfect Spouse

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Honey, I Think We Need to Talk...

wife husband cheating vacation - 5059844352
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wife prepares sign for husband traveling to las vegas

This Wife's Sign For Her Husband's First Vegas Trip is #RelationshipGoals

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That's the Smell of Desperation

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Missing You And... Solution!

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That's News to Her

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Throw in a Bowl of Cereal and I'll Buy the Ring Tomorrow

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Need a Man

Text - James Need a man in my life Like Comment 55 minutes ago via mobile Husband James Wtf 45 minutes ago via mobile Like 1
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