Need a Man

Text - James Need a man in my life Like Comment 55 minutes ago via mobile Husband James Wtf 45 minutes ago via mobile Like 1
By JetSki

Sending a Subtle Message

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By Unknown


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By teaelle

Fear For the Worst

twitter marriage wife - 8816208128
Via @TheBoydP

Returning the Burn

Sky - Will Like Comment -Share Friday at 11:20am 2 people like this. Nice sunset, did you post this while you were Troy waiting to see your gynecologist? 23 minutes ago Like 1 Will Haha. Nice 3 minutes ago Like Will Actually it's where your wife and I are planning to vacation to.... 2 minutes ago Like Write a comment...
By Unknown

That's News to Her

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By Unknown

Finding Bin Laden

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By Anonymous

That's Better

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By Caelestia

Missing You And... Solution!

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By IagodiLeMoix

Bro, Do You Even Pre-Nup?

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By beavercleaver

I Wouldn't Know

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By mumum

Holy Passive-Aggressiveness, Batman!

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By Unknown

There IS hope!

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By jlopez

Same Sex Marriage

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By gr8ful


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By Unknown

What to Do Today?

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By muttleythedog
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