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Burger King's Already Winning Valentine's Day By Giving Out 18+ Adults Happy Meals

This fine Israeli Burger King establishment identified a key demographic, and they proceeded to capitalize on the thirsty, sexual pleasure-seeking debauched 18+ youths of the world by including sex toys in 'adult meals' as a Valentine's Day promo. Umm, genius or twisted or discouraging, or a little bit of all the above? I'll let you be the judge. 

Here's a cheers to an Israeli Burger King daring to be different, and the happiest of meals with the hopefully guaranteed happy ending for those souls out there brave (desperate) enough to give it a run. And I can't help wonder what kind of disparity we're looking at in the way of quality between that good-good-yum-yum dollar menu and the heftier combo meals...are we talking something as consequential as blue balls vs. knee-buckling orgasm? So many questions yet to be answered. Gotta give it to Burger King for not failing to accomplish piquing our curiosity. 

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