Valentines day

I Wouldn't Know

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Created by mumum

There's More Than One Way to Get a Heart

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Created by Nick

That's a Clever Way to Get Out of Buying Chocolates

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Much Appreciated...

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A Round of Applause for VD

the clap gonorrhea Valentines day - 7064382464
Created by DrkphnxS2k

Strap Your Hands Across My Engines

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Created by Unknown

Let Your Emoji Plan Your Valentine's Day

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Created by jc2581

Facebook: Breaking New Ground in Romance Since Never

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However Bad Your Valentine's Day Was, it Wasn't THIS Bad

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regretting valentine's day

#MyValentinesRemorse Trending Twitter Hashtag Is Easily the Best Thing About Valentine's Day

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Hey, I Was Just Trying to Make You Feel Better!

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This Valentine's Day Rant Was so on Point... Until the End

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Just When it Couldn't Get More Depressing, Grandma Shows Up

Awkward grandma parentbook Valentines day - 8446818048
Created by planx9

What're Ya Doing Here, Matt?

high school Valentines day - 7056546048

Siri is Already Hooking Up With Amazon's Alexa

siri Awkward relationships burn Valentines day - 8437479168
Via jordanhchrist

I Agree With Ryan

lol Valentines day win witty reply - 4441385472
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