Valentines day

A Round of Applause for VD

the clap gonorrhea Valentines day - 7064382464
By DrkphnxS2k

Ice Cold, Right There

twitter cold dating Valentines day - 8056155392
Via GameCouch

A Blast from the Past

drama relationships Valentines day - 4462752256
By zakyrie

Just When it Couldn't Get More Depressing, Grandma Shows Up

Awkward grandma parentbook Valentines day - 8446818048
By planx9

I Don't Think He Liked It

forever alone relationship status dating Valentines day - 7055796224
By TheAnonymous

This Valentine's Day Rant Was so on Point... Until the End

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Once a Year, Every Year

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By Unknown


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By Jackie

However Bad Your Valentine's Day Was, it Wasn't THIS Bad

ouch friendzone Valentines day - 8070820864
By Unknown

Have a Very Linguistic Valentine's Day!

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Girl, My Love for You is Like a Foucaldian Power Dynamic: Subtle, Gestural, but All-Encompassing and Terrifying

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Via Policy Mic

Oh... Uhh... Sorry?

dating forever alone relationships Valentines day g rated failbook - 7978116096
By Unknown

I Wouldn't Know

marriage wife husband Valentines day - 7064275200
By mumum


depressing forever alone Sad Valentines day - 4462154496
By Unknown

Not the Best Choice of Photos for This Valentine's Day

Via 9garrison

Anthropologie Ruined My Life and My Marriage

failbook apology Valentines day - 8756244736
By Unknown
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