Zach Braff Doles Out the Harshness

Text - 8m @zachbraff your profile pic makes you look very old #notflattering Expand Zach Braff@zachbraff 5m yours makes you look like a drunk sorority girl who think she knows her best angle but doesn't Hide conversation Reply Retweeted Favorite

Does He Share Your Taste in Musicals? Sorry, It IS Too Good to Be True

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You Know You're Ready For a Vacation When You Drunk Text the Airport For a Booty Call

funny fail tweet image girl booty calls the airport with drunk text
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Your Note Game is Probably Better Than This

Your Note Game is Probably Better Than This
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Her Medal Would Make the Perfect Horcrux

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It's as Easy as Swipe and Snort

funny fail image drug dealer busted for using credit card machine
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9Sad Gets Busted Yet Again

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Baby's Having Babies

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Looks Like Portland is Finally Getting Salty AF About Portlandia

funny sign tweet Portland bookstore posts salty Portlandia sign
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Gender Equality Means Science Doesn't Excuse Women From Testing Too!

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Retweeted: The Greatest Mind of the 19th Century and the Worst Mind of Our Own Century

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One Thing That Michael Jordan Doesn't Need

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Gotta Know Your Reptiles

Gotta Know Your Reptiles
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Pink Tacos For Dinner

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He Hit The Nail On The Head

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His Bulking Diet Now Includes Solids

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