christmas twitter list trolling - 1130501

A Man Who Shares the Name of a British Department Store Answered All the Tweets People Sent Him After the Store Released Its Christmas Ad

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Hopefully Everyone is Trolling Everyone Else

movies titanic trolled trolling - 6088046080
By Nelson Sims

He Drives a Hard Bargain

for sale trolling what - 8429766144
By kansaswolf
Funny Tinder conversations From Tinder Dads instagram account, woman trolling older men on Tinder.

This Woman Trolls Older Men On Tinder To Hilarious Results

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Checkmate, Athebreads!

atheism science trolling twitter g rated - 8421305856
Via Ken M

Slippery When Wet

innuendo trolling lube funny failbook - 6278201088
By Unknown
twitter FAIL trolling donald trump Starbucks reactions angry - 1164293

Salty Starbucks Barista Threatens to Spit in #TrumpCups, and Outraged People on Twitter Band Together to Get Her Fired

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The People of Lebanon Facepalm for This One

Via giantspeck

The Year of Trolling Dangerously

trolling texting and driving car accident failbook g rated - 6870423552
By Unknown

Project Mac-hem

A Failbook Guide to Trolling fight club relationship status trolling - 4580744704
By Unknown

Pretty Sure That Song Was By Lord E?

Music trolling lorde - 8177664000
Via Brown Cardigan
chicken FAIL cooking trolling facebook food - 1367301

Woman Decides An Act of Trolling's Best Served Semi-Cold, Tricks Internet With 'Medium-Rare' Chicken Post

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Donald Trump jimmy kimmel live

'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Writer Has Made It Her Life's Purpose to Stalk and Troll Donald Trump's Tweets

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10 + 10 x 0 = ?

A Failbook Guide to Trolling facepalm Featured Fail math stupid trolling - 4803410688
By Unknown

Everyone Loves This Guy's Saga of a Twitter Interaction With Trump, Even If It's Fake

trolling donald trump legos Everyone Loves This Guy's Saga of a Twitter Interaction With Trump, Even If It's Fake
Via @ZAKagan

Hook, Line, and Sinker

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