I Live to Troll

trolling First World Problems - 6698746624
Created by otisblack

Be Careful of His Antics!

warning trolling failbook facebook - 8976252416
Via lifeofdad

Samuel L Jackson Hit Foggy From Daredevil With Absolutely Savage Candor

Via Samuel L Jackson

You Say You Need a Hand?

trolling - 6738238464
Created by dhg

Brands and Broths on Facebook

Via Failbook

Give It a Second...

trolling coke failbook g rated - 4709798656
Created by aggadagga

141 Years Later, the Joke Lands

Via I Heart Chaos

Future Troll-of-Famer

art of trolling parenting trolling - 6576278016
Created by Unknown
images list trolling jennifer lawrence - 1206021

Chris Pratt Keeps Trolling His Followers by Cropping Jennifer Lawrence out of His Pictures

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samsung trolling a guy who took a dick pic

Samsung Destroys Dude's Dick Pick With One Savage Tweet

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Say You Love Me

trolling i love you - 4800187648
Created by Unknown

Hands Down the Best Pranking Ever

communism hack hacked masturbation prank trolling - 6204363008
Created by curiousmissy

Just Pucker Your Lips and Blow, Dummy

yahoo answers on how to fart
Via Art of Trolling

This Post is Anything but Benign

trolling Wait For It cancer failbook - 8225053696
Created by Unknown

Keep Your Devil Talk Out of Here!

trolling youtube comments - 8197331712
Via Brown Cardigan

Not Only Are You Butthurt, You're Buttclean as Well!

trolling boyfriends - 7961556736
Created by captndan
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