tinder troll  pulls some move for epic trolling

Guy Becomes the Admin of a Confederate Facebook Group and Pulls Off Greatest Trolling of All Time

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really trolling yikes - 4038028800
troll trolls trump epicly by replying to his tweets like there are personal

An SNL Writer Is Replying To Trump's Tweets Like They're Texts And It's Hilarious

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It's Way too Easy to Mess With People on Yik Yak

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inspirational trolling Video failbook - 64947457

Victims and Perpetrators of Online Harassment Should See This Video

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Your Wife ALWAYS Has the Last Word

trolling irish burn - 8274319616
Created by Unknown

Don't Show These People <em>The Onion</em>

driving stupidity trolling - 5879321600

Dawkins Really Knows How to Walk Right into Them

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dad uses memes

Savage Dad Uses Memes to Shut Down Thirsty Kid Trying to Chat Up His Daughter

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20 social media fails showing why you shouldn't be friends with parents on social media.

20 FAILs Showing Why You Shouldn't Befriend Your Parents on Social Media

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When a Dude is So Desperate He'll Buy Even a "Land Water Polo Team" Excuse

desperate dude believes land water polo excuse
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list trolling twitter - 987141

This Hero Is Reminding People About Their Tweets Years Later, Just Like They Asked

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A musician expects a drummer to play for free, and then the drummer sets them straight | Hey bro, saw play at with gig are amazing bro! 18:23 Hey appreciate man. Glad had good time!

Choosing Beggar Expects Drummer To Play For Free, Drummer Sets Them Straight

Guy must be a delight to play music with.
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twitter FAIL trolling donald trump election 2016 reactions politics - 1418757

Trolls of Twitter Band Together In Hilarious Fashion to #FreeMelania After She's Caught Mean Mugging Donald Trump at Inauguration

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sports list trolling butts facebook football - 601349

Michigan Athletics' Facebook Pages Get Hacked and It's All About the Booty

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Anderson Cooper Continues to be the Best at Putting Down Trolls

twitter trolling Anderson Cooper burn failbook g rated - 8404589824
Via Uproxx
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