george orwell twitter FAIL trolling reactions confused celeb - 1192965

Celebrity's Hilarious Confusion About Orwell's 'Animal Farm' Inspires Even Better Twitter Meme War

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Funny SNL Writer is trolling Donald Trump on Twitter by responding to the President's tweets like they're having a personal conversation.

SNL Writer Responds to Donald Trump's Tweets Like Their Personal Texts and Awkward Hilariousness Ensues

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How to Get Back at the Scammers

trolling prank texting failbook - 8378039296
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christmas trolling Memes - 1218309

The Internet Clearly Set out to Prove That Angels and Stars Aren't the Only Acceptable Tree Toppers

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This Picture of a Dog With Ham on Its Head Asking for Prayers Has Over 100,00 Facebook Shares

funny facebook troll pray for dog with ham face
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A musician expects a drummer to play for free, and then the drummer sets them straight | Hey bro, saw play at with gig are amazing bro! 18:23 Hey appreciate man. Glad had good time!

Choosing Beggar Expects Drummer To Play For Free, Drummer Sets Them Straight

Guy must be a delight to play music with.
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inbox party time stealing trolling - 3748345088
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Trolling Begets Trolling

fake trolling steven spielberg rip - 8252954880
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Papa John's Underestimates Its Customer Base

pizza trolling customers addiction after 12 - 7379873536
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It's a Great Day for Fishing

boyfriend compliments fishing trolling - 8181225728
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Curse You, Past Self!

failbook g rated trolling tumblr - 6489002752
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Trolling so Hard it's Impossible to Discern From a Real Person...

Babies breastfeeding moms trolling failbook - 8259626496
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Ken M, the Troll That Will Live in Our Hearts Forever

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stories memes

'Will Now Have Stories' Meme Is Here to Troll the Hell Out of Facebook

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People describe the various ways that they managed to troll their bosses without breaking the rules | SergeantKoopa 8y couple friends mine work at Wal-Mart. They found out kilts are well within dress code as long as they are correct color. Drove their managers nuts s been year and absolutely no problems though

Ways People Trolled Their Bosses Without Breaking Rules

Bonus points for being so clever.
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Troll Patrol

kids trolling smoking weed police - 7092962048
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