Trolling WIN?

trolling jesus christ g rated win - 7070599680
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A musician expects a drummer to play for free, and then the drummer sets them straight | Hey bro, saw play at with gig are amazing bro! 18:23 Hey appreciate man. Glad had good time!

Choosing Beggar Expects Drummer To Play For Free, Drummer Sets Them Straight

Guy must be a delight to play music with.
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Curse You, Past Self!

failbook g rated trolling tumblr - 6489002752
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Did Somebody Say Free Stuff?

pro tip trolling sun free stuff microwave failbook g rated - 8449776384
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EA Sports Has Super Bowl 49 Jokes, Burns Seahawks on Twitter

NFL trolling EA Sports Has Super Bowl 49 Jokes, Burns Seahawks on Twitter
Via @seahawks

I'm All Trolled in the Supermarket

trolling facebook husband failbook - 6837158144
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troll trolls trump epicly by replying to his tweets like there are personal

An SNL Writer Is Replying To Trump's Tweets Like They're Texts And It's Hilarious

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Donald Trump jimmy kimmel live

'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Writer Has Made It Her Life's Purpose to Stalk and Troll Donald Trump's Tweets

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You're Never Too Old to Troll

old trolled trolling - 6529371648
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Someone's Going to be Filing Their Taxes Separately Next Year

craigslist trolling taxes wife failbook g rated - 8438521600
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Le Trole Maestr Strikes Again

twitter trolling cringe - 8302082048
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FAIL trolling beauty UK tweet dating - 1195013

When You Ask the Internet a Subjective Question, Expect to Be Ridiculed (Especially When There is So Much Fake Tanner Involved)

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Top Sins: 1. Wearing Two Different Kinds of Cloth at Once. 2. Fast Food.

religion fast food yahoo answers trolling failbook - 8202035968
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feminist troll

Feminist Writer Trolls Men's Rights Activist With Quotes From Good Will Hunting

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RIP Richard Dawkins, Whose Dank Memes Sustained Us All

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Someone's a Troll

school tests trolling exams - 7874165248
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