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Shots Fired On Twitter From Baby Boomers with #HowToConfuseAMillennial and They Did Not Like the Rebuttal

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Mac vs. PC: The Truth

facebook failbook Featured Fail g rated Hall of Fame lolcats mac PC sad but true technology - 5521811968
By Unknown


blackberry iphone technology wait what - 5102460928
By Unknown

How Can So Much Idiot Fit in One Man?

conspiracy facepalm Japan technology - 4554736128
By Philip Kim

Screenshot Technology ON POINT

Via Isis666

Shh... I'm "Reading."

Awkward library naked technology - 5530238464
By GoingxxUnder293


burn ipad ouch technology - 3392898560
By Unknown


ipods oh snap really technology - 3298370304
By Smh

I'll Never Understand The Metric System

family fat technology - 5878515200
By Unknown

Some People Just Weren't Meant to Internet

technology parentbook failbook g rated - 8248161792
Via nothingclever345

Remarkably "App"t

App technology - 4532980224
By Alex

The "C" Stands for "Credit"

credit card drive facebook facepalm failbook g rated stupid technology - 5671048448
By Unknown
twitter phones FAIL trolling technology - 1286149

Troll Renames Flight Wi-Fi 'Galaxy Note 7' and Angry Passengers Live-Tweet the Terrible Experience

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Being Overly-Social

busted comic drama google relationships technology witty reply - 4945571840
By thewhiteraven

Please Back Away from the Computer

facepalm stupid technology - 4541723648
By Unknown

More Importantly...

microwave ouch technology wait what wtf - 4904853504
By Unknown
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