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Behold, Faithful Masses! I am Making Pancakes!

obama pancakes status update tom hanks wilson - 6527573248
By Unknown

That's What's Going On

make your own fail status update your friends are laughing at you - 4621282048
By Jim

Release Me from Your Conrtol, Devil-Woman!

mind control status update - 4539117056
By Goldenear777

What's Happening, Facebook?

what's on your mind status update failbook g rated - 6917271552
By kmichelle7492

Status Awareness

comics copypasta lol status update - 4589094912
Via Shoebox

Dead Babies

abortion lol status update - 4962896128
Via imgur

Glad to Know

google search status update Awkward - 7000848384
By Unknown

First Things First

facepalm really status update - 4579536640
By Unknown

These Default Settings Are Getting Ridiculous!

facepalm lol status update stupid - 4489468416
By Grave_Master99

Charlie Sheen's Lawyer Has a Point

Charlie Sheen lol status update - 4500123904
By Unknown

Order of Operations

Osama Bin Laden sad but true status update - 4718255360
By Unknown

Nobody Likes This

lol status update - 4437551360
By Unknown

The Worst Band in the World

black-eyed peas lol nickelback status update win - 4438994176
By Unknown

Way To Find That Silver Lining!

really school status update - 4418964224
By Unknown

Connecting the Dots

butter status update - 4603078656
By Unknown

Yoohoo's Primary Demographic

status update - 4917188864
By Unknown
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