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You Break It, You Buy It.

egypt history lol status update - 4440970752
By Unknown

Deliver Us from "Shevil"

lesbians religion sexuality status update - 4864463872
By Dinahdog

Release Me from Your Conrtol, Devil-Woman!

mind control status update - 4539117056
By Goldenear777

That's What's Going On

make your own fail status update your friends are laughing at you - 4621282048
By Jim

An Evening Encounter

dangerous lol race relations status update - 4412034048
By Unknown

Order of Operations

Osama Bin Laden sad but true status update - 4718255360
By Unknown

Status Intolerant

Overshare status update TMI - 4420363520
By gauderio

1.21 Gigglewatts

lol status update witty reply - 4486438656
By Unknown

Surprise FAIL

facepalm shhh status update - 4588893696
By webecomeburied

An Unnatural Status Update

status update - 7247187200
By Lee Fernandez

Way To Find That Silver Lining!

really school status update - 4418964224
By Unknown


ouch status update - 4444391168
By Unknown

Staying Classy FAIL

classy hypocrite oh snap status update urinal - 5039180032
By Unknown

You're Unique. Just Like Everyone Else.

copypasta status update witty reply - 4589051648
By Unknown

The Worst Band in the World

black-eyed peas lol nickelback status update win - 4438994176
By Unknown

Charlie Sheen's Lawyer Has a Point

Charlie Sheen lol status update - 4500123904
By Unknown
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