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RIP Any Future Dreams of Fathering Children For Orioles Catcher Caleb Joseph

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This NFL Parody Using Adele's Hello is Something Every Football Fan Can Agree With

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Shocking Fun for Mom and Kids Alike!

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By Dan Warman


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By Unknown

Never Mind the Balls, Here's Some Cars

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Someone Tried to Call Out Justin Timberlake's Love of the Memphis Grizzlies, JT Shuts it Down Immediately

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Via @jtimberlake
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MLB's Mildly Entertaining For Hot Second As Ball Gets 'Magically' Stuck To Catcher's Chest Protector

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MLB Mascots Are Getting Weird on Twitter Over the Mets's Wife

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Via Uproxx
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Foolish Cleveland Fan Opts for the Premature 'Champs' Tattoo, and the Internet Is Here to Smack Him With Instant Regrets

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My Offensive Line Hits You for 12 Durability Damage!

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By chris.towsley.7

You Gave it All You Could Out There, Bucs

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Via CujoKnows

Bros Should Stop Asking Girls To Prove They're Sports Fans, Especially If They Can't Handle the High Heat

funny dating tweet guy asks girl to prove shes an MLB fan and she crushes him
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The Secret to a Healthy Marriage and a Great Basketball Career

funny memes steph curry makes 3s for sex
Via DonCapra
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New York Jets Player Eric Decker Asks Fans Why They Love the Jets, Things Get Hilariously Sad

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Meet Our New Messiah

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By Unknown
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Breaking Grandma's Ankles in a Driveway Pickup Game is Probably How You Cross Yourself Out of Her Will

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