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Yahoo Answers NASA space battles covered up by thunderstorms they invented?
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Blorgwaz From Gliese 876-D is Wondering the Same Thing

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astronaut posting pics of earth from space

Flat Earthers Will Say That It's Photoshop

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A Flat Earther's Completely Reasonable List Of Demands

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Oh Chris, We Love You No Matter What Your Inverse Gravitational Proportionality Is

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Going Beyond the Flat Earth Conspiracy, the Moon is Flat Too

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In Space, No One Can Hear How Dumb You Are

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Teal's Black Hole

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Just Tried to Ruin 'Star Wars'

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You Know, the Place Where Everyone Uses Their Bellies as Tables

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You Can't Explain That

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Did Someone... Like... Put It Up in the Sky?

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson ponders what difference the reaction would be to an Alien visit from Clinton VS Trump and J.K. Rowlings says it would depend if the Alien has breasts or not.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Asked a Legitimate Question About Trump/Clinton Meeting Aliens and the Quick J.K. Rowling Had the Best Answer

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"Who Asked You?"

Text - Fact- if the earth was 10 ft closer to the sun we would all burn up and if it was 10 ft further we would freeze to death.. God is amazing!! Sunday at 11:04am via Text Message Like Comment and 4 others like this. Wow.that's crazy! Sunday at 11:07am via Facebook Mobile Like I knooooow! Sunday at 11:08am Like Amen Sunday at 11:08am Like to anyone wondering, that's not true. 1)Earth's orbit is eliptical and the distance from the sun varies from around 147 milion kilometers to 152 milion kilom
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Where Those Bunsen Burners At?

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I Bet No One's Ever Thought of That Before!

Text - There Is a way we can inhabit mars! I have the perfect idea, I can't believe nobodies followed trough with it! So, we fly up to mars, plant a couple trees, then the trees make air! Then we can breath on mars! deLike Comment
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