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Collection of people that were displays of pure stupidity on social media.

28 Brainless Mouth-Breathing Idiots Who Need All the Help They Can Get

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Relationships Are A Two Way Street

Via Eleven_inc
customer service crazy facebook social media ridiculous - 1976581

Ohio Based RadioShack is Going Insane on Customers on Facebook: "We're Closed. F*ck All of You"

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So... Not Good?

facebook failbook g rated oh snap school social media teacher - 5590813952
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parody college humor couples social media Video dating - 74864129

If Couples Acted Like They Do On Facebook

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Just Say <strike>No</strike> WTF

Aliens drugs facebook failbook g rated social media status wtf - 5600169984
By Ninja

Playground Chivalry

equality facebook failbook g rated kindergarten racism school social media win - 5671655424
By Unknown

The Better Edward

facebook failbook g rated social media twilight - 5616209408
By Unknown

And Not a Single Truck Was Given

facebook failbook g rated iseewhatyoudidthere social media spelling your friends are laughing your friends are laughing at you - 5577202944
By Daniel
A collection of tweets about people's real life plot twists.

People's Real Life Plot Twists

Life loves keep us on our toes.
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A science professor runs an obsessive breakdown of the world's best gummy bears | Scott Barolo Follow @sbarolo Are there really 12? Let's get sorting St. Haribo, forgive

Twitter Thread: Science Professor Obsessively Ranks Gummy Bears

Peak internet stuff here.
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nice guys that failed to realize how crazy they are being

10 Ridiculous Times Nice Guys Failed To Recognize Their Own Rude Insanity

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jimmy kimmel pop culture tweets social media celeb Video - 78454273

Movie Stars Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

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relationships social media dating - 1580037

9 of the Most Loathsome Couples to Make Their Unfortunate Debut on Social Media

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10 of our favorite funny tweets from the month of May 2017.

10 of Our Favorite Funny Tweets From May 2017

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busted cheating drama facebook failbook g rated oh snap relationships social media wait what wife - 5540275712
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