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Kids Get New Kitty After Receiving More Than 100,000 Facebook "Likes"

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The 12 Days of Facebook

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Funny tweets, random tweets, love, shakespeare, animal tweets.

27 Clever Tweets You'll Wish You Twote

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the hunger of the facebook trolls is fed the good stuff that we keep in the back

24 Times Facebook Replies Were Comedic Golden Gifts to the Internet

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insane people on facebook not realizing at wall what they are doing

12 People on Facebook Who Are Completely Off Their Rockers

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Guy inspires Prince-Themed Christmas Tree Trend After Sharing Picture to Social Media

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A Quick Rundown of Each Social Network

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The Cutest Fight

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Impressively Clever and Cunning Facebook Wins That Deserve a Big Thumbs Up

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The Irony is Too Strong Here, We Don't Know What To Believe

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Tom Hardy's Myspace Pictures Will Remind You of Your Own Human Failings

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Redundant Title is Redundant

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people called out online for being less than truthful

People That Failed to Sell Their Pack of Lies and Got Called Out in Righteous Fashion in the Process

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Playing Comment Gaaaaaaames

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Don't Cheat On a Med Student (Who is Also Capable of Being Horrible)

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Jack Vale Makes Everyone's Worst Social Media Nightmare Come True

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