If You "Dodnt" Finish, Maybe Don't Comment!

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This Person Definitely Used Less Than Ten Percent of Their Brain

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Not Very Bright

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"Who Asked You?"

Text - Fact- if the earth was 10 ft closer to the sun we would all burn up and if it was 10 ft further we would freeze to death.. God is amazing!! Sunday at 11:04am via Text Message Like Comment and 4 others like this. Wow.that's crazy! Sunday at 11:07am via Facebook Mobile Like I knooooow! Sunday at 11:08am Like Amen Sunday at 11:08am Like to anyone wondering, that's not true. 1)Earth's orbit is eliptical and the distance from the sun varies from around 147 milion kilometers to 152 milion kilom
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Your Phone: The Newest Disease Vector

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Yeah, Prove That it DOESN'T Exist!

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That's Where They Make All the Nuclear, Right?

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Kids Deserve to Have a Measles Free Childhood

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Remember That Other Moon We Have?

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The Super-Carrier Has Arrived

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An Eruption of Anger and Elementary Science

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The Internet Simply Refuses to Take the Supermoon Seriously

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Checkmate, Athebreads!

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Wasting Money

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Fun Fact: Octopuses Are Terrifying

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We Don't Need No Science!

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