How Much Bad Science Can You Fit into One Youtube Comment?

conspiracy science what youtube failbook - 8416667904
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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Puts George Takei's Birthday in a Cosmic Perspective

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Criticism: Just Erase it!

vaccines facepalm science failbook - 8463425280
By PMedMoe

Acoustics and Anatomy

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Hear That, Bald People? Hokey Hippy Nonsense Says You're Broken!

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In Space, No One Can Hear How Dumb You Are

FAIL movies Gravity science space - 7850763776
By UnDearsleyIsh (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Astrological Explanations Sometimes Need Actual Explanations

facepalm astrology science - 8581853184
By ouijacorn

Spongebob is a Killer

clever Featured Fail jokes movies science - 6017780992
By Unknown

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Reminds Everyone He Is Not a Biologist With One Very Inaccurate Tweet

science biology neil degrasse tyson Neil DeGrasse Tyson Reminds Everyone He Is Not a Biologist With One Very Inaccurate Tweet
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Another Completely Normal Comforting Thought From Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Even the Guy Who Listens to Korn Thinks It's Stupid

dumb science stupid water - 6179916032
By Purpleistheorange

This Person Definitely Used Less Than Ten Percent of Their Brain

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The Science Staff Room

salt science spelling win - 4745417472
By Unknown

No Facts, No Cry

bob marley marijuana cancer science failbook - 8395457792

Scientists Know Better

dolphin fish science - 6299748608
By phoebe

Ten Feet Closer

fire rage comic religion science - 4917332224
By Unknown
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