Acoustics and Anatomy

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Not Very Bright

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Nailed It

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Amateur Scientists

Text - Post 39 minutes ago If the world has no gravity outside in space, does thy mean th world or earth is floating randomly in outer space. ?? Hmm answers Like Comment Share 2 people like this. Well it makes sense because if there's no gravity, things float, that's why everything on earth stays on the ground unless upwards force is put behind it because earth has gravity 36 minutes ago Like and we stay in place cause of magnetic fields from earth Post Write a comment...
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The Spectacular Spider-Dong

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Romance and Science Don't Mix

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Is That a Rock in Your Pants...

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Disregard Family Opinions, Acquire Sweet Careers

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The Internet Simply Refuses to Take the Supermoon Seriously

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Happy Birthday, Earth!

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Bill Nye Neil deGrasse Tyson science video | bill nye roasts tyson about consciousness

Bill Nye Pokes Fun At Neil deGrasse Tyson's Reply

Never underestimate Bill.
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What About a Ton of Packing Peanuts?

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Grammar Doesn't Matter on Facebook

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The Science-Inclined Will Understand Exactly How This Won't Work

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Why Rose Had to Let Go

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Correlation/Causation FAIL

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