Good Semester

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By that70sgirl

Back to School Tip #10

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By Unknown


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They're Not Even Trying Anymore

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By cmader

We're All Going Strait to Hell

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By Unknown

Teacher of the Year

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By Unknown

It Clearly Had No English Requirement

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By skrutz

History With a Side of Grammar Bickering

Via slaathaug

By a Hare

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By Unknown

The Argument Against Public Schooling

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By MasMacho

You Don't Want to Know

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By HarryPotterNerd

Opinions Where the Sun Don't Shine

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By lumberjill
A collection of images showing people struggle through life.

18 Bummers to Remind You Life Could Be Worse

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This Mother Got a Bit of a Country Surprise When Her Son's School Called Her

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Note: The Math problem is Not Literal, We Repeat

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It's Math-Magical!

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By harrym
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