Still Need Some More Practice

school test irony - 8316680192
Created by Unknown

I Hope None of Them Are Math Tests

addition math school tests - 5204134144
Created by Unknown

Yeah, What's the Deal With These Continents in the Middle of the Ocean too?

school facepalm geography - 8108365824
Created by emmaejay

Congrats on That Education You're Paying for!

school facepalm test education - 8400593664
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What a Shocking Revelation

school FAIL - 7826631936
Created by Bob

Welcome to Every Morning for the Rest of Your Life

twitter school reaction failbook - 8400521472
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Itchin' For A Role Model

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Sorry, I Had to Ask

school graduation college - 7868634624
Created by Unknown

Check Your Sources, Dad

not what it looks like parents school - 5173601024
Created by torrentialhavok

Before or After the Engrish Test?

school irony - 8489302784
Created by Unknown

Try Doing That for the Hard Sciences, Kiddo

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Caught in the Act!

school selfie scared - 8095093248
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We're All Smiles Over Here!

school tests funny exams - 7510628096
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When a Teacher Wants To Give Your Paper the D

funny fail images teacher grades paper by drawing a penis on it

Way To Find That Silver Lining!

really school status update - 4418964224
Created by Unknown

Bad Grades

grounded oh snap parents school - 4624615680
Created by kristenissociallyawkward
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