The Shimmering Distant Green Light of Embarrassment

school whoops embarrassing books the great gatsby failbook g rated - 8417173760
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Lol Skool R So Dum

school idiots spelling - 7119613696
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Bad Day

oh snap school syphilis - 5814866432
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What's With All These Science Rocks?

school religion facepalm science failbook - 8365645056
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What a Shocking Revelation

school FAIL - 7826631936
Created by Bob

Helping Libby with Her Essay

advice essay help school spelling your friends are jerks - 5284473344
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facepalm school student teacher - 5269677568
Created by zambia

Failbook: This Teacher Is Evil (T)/F

exam failbook Featured Fail g rated school teacher test - 6104042240
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Time for Your Weekly Scheduled Astronomy Lesson

school Astronomy stupid people - 8009390336
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Order of Operations: Still a Mystery

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Best Exam Ever

yolo school - 6737280512
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Isn't It Shy-ronic

dating relationships school - 6162760192
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A Classy Pun

class puns school sweater - 5795787520
Created by Astomin

This Student Faces Assault Charges Because a Baby Carrot is a Weapon

funny fail story student is charged with assault after baby carrot is defined as a weapon

Grading Papers: The Drinking Game

school teachers win - 5337678592
Created by silverfhorn

Back to School Tip #10

good idea school - 5206254848
Created by Unknown
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