Amazon Understands

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By MoonDinosaur

Are You Okay? Do You Need a Minute?

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By Unknown


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By Courtney


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By Unknown

Why Does School Exist? I Present Exhibit A...

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By Chelsie

Love It When That Happens

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By Unknown

Hey, Everybody! Jaden Smith Has It All Figured Out!

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By Unknown

Want Some Cheese With Your Whine?

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By gabee123

We Will Also Accept "Come at Me"

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Via The New SAT

Yeah, It's the Test's Fault...

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By subjectiveobserver

School: Finish It

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By Unknown

Vintage Frape

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By Unknown

Someone's Fallen Down an English Well

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Via 2LateImDead

Future Leader of America

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By Jackie

Taken to School

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By Unknown

Let's Play "Scenes from a School"

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By HippieGothie