Rap comes from your soul, and so does rhyming and clever wordplay. If you got the lyrics to spit and the beat to hit every single word, you will go far, and appreciate these hilarious rap puns.

As Long As It's Still Raining Men

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By dbflyo

Eminem's Newest Rhyme Exclaims He Will Punch Lana Del Ray in the Face. Reactions to This Were Not so Kind.

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Teenage White People Are Hilarious, Aren't They?

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Don't Let Experimental Rap Happen to You, Kids

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Via yojerald

The Real Slim Shady

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Game Recognize Game, Mom

Text - Star 8 hrs Everywhere i go i see the same hoe... Like Comment Share 3 people like this Mirrors suck huh? < her friend's mom Hollie 7 mins - Like Star Whays that supposed to mean 6 mins - Like Hollie you see a whore? Or did you mean you're gardening. l thought you were quoting song lyrics or do you mean literally 4 mins - Like Hollie Or where you using hoe as another word in the slang language for female? 4 mins - Like Guess I'm too old... you're too young to be quoting Tupac. Hollie 1 min
By emma

When You're Worried Your Crying Son Gonna Get You Destroyed on Social Media

50 cent worried son crying ruin him on instagram
Via 50cent

You've Got a Hot Date, Mr. President

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Via Flying Lotus

But... But I Wanna Be a Rap Star...

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By John Cena

Sick Rhymes Lead to Sick Grades

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By Whoisalopecia

As Cold As Water

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By Unknown

Rich Guys Have Nothing Better to do, Right?

rap fake Bill Gates - 8368642560

Emanhudson is Doing God's Work and Fact Checking All the Rappers Out There

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Remember: This Man Has an Oscar

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Where is the Bing Translation When You Need it...

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By SarahGwen

Jesus Had No Flow

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By Unknown
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