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Grad Night

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Pics or it Didn't Happen!

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He Probably Pays Better Child Support

jesus moms what pregnant - 8429107200
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The Joys of Pregnancy

Babies mom pregnant Overshare failbook - 8355991040
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It's Basically the Real Thing

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Every Alarm Just Went Off in My Head at Once

bad idea pregnant sexy times - 8193639424
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Thank MTV for This Wonderful New World...

16 and Pregnant mtv pregnant teen mom teen pregnancy - 6537693952
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Timing is Everything

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Congratu- Wait, What?

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You're Not True Hardcore Mom Enough if You Had a C-Section Birth, According to These Idiots

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The Immaculate Conception 2.0

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Like My Status if You Like the Miracle of Life!

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You Best Get Dat Child Support

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If You Can't Dodge a Baby, You Can't Dodge a Ball

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Didn't Count!

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