Lessening the Blow

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By Sonic

Check Out the Sack on That Omelette

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By Sandy

It's Basically the Real Thing

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And We Shall Name the Child "Dil"

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BRB, Leaving the Internet Forever

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Liveblogging Your Labor - Welcome to 2013

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By Unknown

Someone's Got Baby Fever

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Pics or it Didn't Happen!

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By Chris

Like My Status if You Like the Miracle of Life!

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Nope, Not Preggers!

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Thank MTV for This Wonderful New World...

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By slave_13

The Miracle of Childbirth

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By Unknown

A Departure From the Usual Prank

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A Hefty Insurance Package

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And it's Worth Two in the Bush!

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Three Guesses What You're Doing Wrong

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