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The Original Use of the Hard Drive

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Created by mentaldrummer66

We All Learned Something That Day

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Created by mysdimenor

The Hot New Game Show That's Sweeping the Nation

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Created by amk1211 ( Via Gingivere )

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Hide Their Naughty Bits From Mom

Via DenzelMichaelUk

The Best Place For Limp Noodle Tips, PornHub

Via flowersformydemons

A Bunch of Reasons to Be Grateful

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Created by Unknown

"Nobody Can Know I Read Pitchfork!"

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Via Brown Cardigan

A Lucky FBI Agent Is About to Have the Best Day Ever

Text - You Tube Browse TV Shows HE-MAN HEYEAYEA SONG FOR 10 HOURS vostroyan10 Subscribe 70 videos 01:28:38/10:31:49 Auto Replay 1 download this video 500 times each file a shady name like "9 yr old erection" or Tlittle girls sucking" 3 piss off the FBI 4 laugh when you know theres an agent legally obligated to watch every second of film for evidence 115 imafuckingsaint 1 week ago ahahah that is genius! 20 vostroyan10 in reply to imafuckingsaint 3 days ago

Never Change, Ms. Akira

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Via AsaAkira

That Was Fast

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Created by sparkyseven

The Robots Are Taking Over, and They Want to Fap!

Screen grab of a funny exchange on Omegle about how toasters are basically sex robots we are helping.
Created by Unknown

"Crunching Numbers"

busted on the job oops pr0n train - 5464681728
Created by Unknown

Not THAT Kind of Tutoring!

school tutoring pr0n - 6758306048
Created by michael f

A Dude Only Needs Two Things in Life, and Only One is Pr0n

nerds star wars pr0n sexy times - 8466688768
Created by Unknown

A Politician is Crying "HAX!" After Someone Notices He's Following Adult Movie Star Belle Knox on Twitter

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Via NY Post

Don't Remind Me, Mom...

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