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The Robots Are Taking Over, and They Want to Fap!

Screen grab of a funny exchange on Omegle about how toasters are basically sex robots we are helping.
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Never Change, Ms. Akira

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What Sacrifice!

lent lol pr0n - 4537920256
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Getting Head of the Class

grammar pr0n school - 6124178176

How Realistic!

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Extracurricular Activities

Awkward lecture oops pr0n public - 5363075840

This Fandom Sucks

airplane Awkward fifty shades of grey pr0n - 6506178048

He Died Doing What He Loved

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The Leak That Shocked a Nation

pr0n sexy times failbook - 8309249792
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It's Not Racist If They Joke About Themselves

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"Crunching Numbers"

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The Good Old Days

pr0n prom - 7308722432
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We're So Glad You've Come Back

laptops pr0n - 7954223360

It Takes an Expert to Recognize an Aficionado

butt stuff pr0n - 8076288768

Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson Accidentally Reveals His Fapping Habits to the World on His Twitter Feed

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Why- Ohhh...

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Created by ANONTOM

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