Super Extremely Cool Story, Bro!

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By Unknown

That One's a Keeper Right There

bathroom poop sexting texting - 8243991808
By Unknown

We All Thought We Shouldn't Know That

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By Unknown

Which One Got More Likes?

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By Frenzy

Innocence Lost

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By kayquinn

Talkin' S**t

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Mom Seems Less Concerned Than She Should Be

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By Kat

No Big Deal, Guys...

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Next Step: The Emoji Blimp

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Via halfup

Back to Obience School

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By Unknown

Crappy Films

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By Mr Brown

Being a Pre-Teen Online is Crappy

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By zomgwtaf

Are You Sure That's Chocolate?

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BRB, Changing Grandma's Litterbox

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By LanaDarkess


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