Anti-Joke Horse

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Paging Dr. Obvious

captain obvious diet poop - 4648665344
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Tweets Your Grandchildren Will Remember You By

comic funeral life poop pooping tweet twitter - 6187704576
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My Power Is Greater Than Your Bowels Can Possibly Imagine

baby diapers parenting poop power - 6342825728
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Ahhh Sh*t...

poop FAIL facebook - 8817843200
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Your Bros Gotta Know The Size

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Does Hand Sanitizer Work on Computer Monitors?

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Guess What, Mom? I Made a Friend Today!

Awkward bathroom poop pooping urinal - 6183934208
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Travis With the Sound Advice

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Call Me Kirk Because I Just Shatnered Myself

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Your Child Has a Strong Grasp of Literalism

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Does the Type Really Matter That Much?

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Cleanup On Aisle 29

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Just Taking a Wild Guess Here...

food science poop - 8391301120
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To Boldly Poop Where No Man Has Pooped Before

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By Laura