Store Wars: The Energizer Strikes Back

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Created by wraith444

Nerd WIN

Featured Fail nerd oh snap school win - 5244391168
Created by Unknown

A Little Something for the Programmers

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Straight from The Doctor's Mouth

Captain Picard doctor who facepalm Lord of the Rings nerd Star Trek star wars - 5308435712
Created by kikibaa

11 Types

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Created by HrlQuinn

Numerology WIN

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Lessons From March 14

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Such a Nerd

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The Kessell Run

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Failbook: Nerdgasm II: Ladies Strike Back

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Created by K.

Calendar <strike>Girl</strike> Nerd

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George Takei's "Geek Hierarchy"

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Via George Takei

Nerd Girl Owns

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Created by McButta

Nerd Watch

busted nerd Star Trek watch - 5206689536
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Please Update to Version 12.2012

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It Was That Bad

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Created by Kory