X-Men Rap Battle

nerd rap win witty reply x men - 4829363712
By VenomySnicket

Nerdy Pick-Up Lines

math nerd smart win witty reply - 4925778176
By SpartasChampion

"Live Long and May the Prosperity Be With You" -- Doctor Who

doctor who nerd geek obi-wan kenobi Captain Picard William Shatner Star Trek patrick stewart - 6631394816
By Unknown

Nerd Girl Owns

nerd transformers win - 4700192768
By McButta

Why It's Raining

nerd rain science weather - 4746058496
By Unknown

It's a Nice Day for a #FFFFFF Wedding

forever alone nerd relationships - 4678441728
By mags09

Delicious Pi

math nerd pi puns - 5203030272
By Yoyz

You're a QT Pi

facebook failbook flirting g rated math nerd pick-up lines pun social media win - 5586130176
By Paige


nerd puns technology witty reply - 4721208064

Nerd Watch

busted nerd Star Trek watch - 5206689536
By Unknown

I don't even....

apple chinese Featured Fail nerd - 5421263872
By Unknown

Please Update to Version 12.2012

nerd RAPTURE technology - 4795899136
By Unknown

Failbook: Nerdgasm II: Ladies Strike Back

batman dating failbook Featured Fail g rated Game of Thrones girlfriend mario nerd old spice relationships star wars video games xbox - 6094571520
By K.

Wizard Time

Lord of the Rings nerd wizards - 4700883712
By Unknown

Programming is Like Sex

nerd parents sexy time - 4579637760
By Unknown

Lessons From March 14

jokes nerd touché - 5976050688
By Unknown
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