I Wish I Could Like This Twice

Starbucks likes coffee survey - 4893356544

Bacon Reigns Supreme

bacon husband likes wife - 6529278464
By Mondo


likes my friends are jerks notifications status - 4378877184
By some_old_boy

That's Not How Likes Work...

like my status lms likes - 7978118400
By Unknown

Like This!

likes funny failbook g rated - 4894449408
By Atrumentis

This Counts as News Now?

florida likes news really - 5277006592
By Unknown

So Pathetic

comic Hypocrisy likes - 4928685056
By Unknown

Forever Alone

forever alone likes - 5127659008
By Unknown

Uniqueness FAIL

busted likes really - 4802258688
By Unknown

Likes n' Bits

art likes facebook true facts - 8398789120
Via John Holcroft

We Need the Scalpel and Some Blue Thumbs!

likes facebook doctor who failbook g rated - 8113518080
Via Google
likes facebook social media Video - 67023361

Social Media Gets Totally Gamified in the Short "Likehunter"

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