Well Played, Cody.

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By Rayfire1989
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Corporate Facebook "Likes" Are Way More Problematic Than We Ever Imagined

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By Jesse Greaves

Yo Dawg, I Herd U Liek Likes!

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By TheWizardOfCol

Your Kid is Not Your Pawn

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By Unknown

I Wish I Could Like This Twice

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By some_old_boy

Nice Tri

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By Tonkerpop1992

Well, Hurry Up Then!

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By Unknown

How Many Likes Do You Get?

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Jimmy's Been Busy

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By LandM

Sounds Like a Cover-Up

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By ooginator

We Need the Scalpel and Some Blue Thumbs!

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They Call Me "The Clarificator"

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Like This Post if You Agree!!!11!1!!!!

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Knowing Ones Worth

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By Unknown
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