It's the 'Gram. An entire generation of lazy kids has turned a social media platform into a successful lifestyle. Where was this when we worked at gas stations and movie theaters. It is a craze that has swept the world and left little privacy in its wake. Show check out some of the best Insta memes and gifs and everything in between and satisfy that urge to add a Story.

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Put Those "%" Signs to Good Use With F***yerhashtag

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No Need to Throw Down on the Comic Illiterate

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Back to the Remedial Classes With Ye!

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This Restaurant Knows How to Make Their Instagram Page Awesome

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Does This Mean Sarah Jessica Parker isn't the Mane Target for Horse Jokes Now?

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The Skeleton That Instagrams Like Every Annoying Person You've Ever Known

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This Guy Probably Has the Cleverest Pics of His Junk

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Instagram is Tearing This Country Apart

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Just Checking MySelfie Out, Bro

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Here Are 7 of the Most Popular Social Media FAILs We've All Experienced

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Taylor Swift's Instagram Account Is Getting Swarmed With Thousands of Snake Emojis

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Do Us All a Favor and Wear That Condom at All Times

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Rob Lowe's kids love to troll him on Instagram in the comments section | robloweofficial Tanzania Liked by micahdyer_is and 25,716 others robloweofficial Sunset walk will miss these clothes back LA. View all 454 comments johnnylowe just watched put knife on belt this photo

Rob Lowe's Son Lights Him Up In The Comments

Them kids got the spice.
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What Were the Lyrics to That Song by Cake Again?

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Facebook Reveals Instagram Video, Direct Challenger to Vine

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