It's the 'Gram. An entire generation of lazy kids has turned a social media platform into a successful lifestyle. Where was this when we worked at gas stations and movie theaters. It is a craze that has swept the world and left little privacy in its wake. Show check out some of the best Insta memes and gifs and everything in between and satisfy that urge to add a Story.

millennial problems

The True Understanding to Millennial Problems Can Be Explained on This Guy's Instagram

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After Finding Out the Truth About His Cheating Girlfriend, This Guy Comforted Himself Knowing He Hadn't Bought Her a Christmas Gift Yet

funny dating image guy blasts ex on instagram as a cheater and buys himself BAPE outfit
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The Sad Secret to Instagram Success

ancient aliens lady bits instagram - 8241647872
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There Ain't No Filter for That!

coffee instagram Starbucks - 6576219136
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Stop Interrupting My Jealousy With Your "Family Values"!

instagram relationships girlfriend jealousy texting - 8426960128
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Shut It Before Your Tears Hit Your Keyboard

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FAIL instagram Video - 200967

The Road to the Olympics is Paved With Window-Shattering F*ck Ups

Watch U.S. Olympic Weightlifter Mattie Rogers' fail from another angle:
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Does This Mean Sarah Jessica Parker isn't the Mane Target for Horse Jokes Now?

funny social media image ellie goulding accepts horse comparison in article
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costume twitter list instagram - 1053957

You If You Dress Up Like Rihanna and Look Better Than Her, She'll Notice

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Instagram of the Day: George W. Bush Calls Bill Clinton ‘Brother From Another Mother’

instagram george w bush bill clinton - 8376790272
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Isn't Nature Just Beautiful?

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Status Update of the Day: People Who Call 911 About a Facebook Outage Are the Worst

911 instagram facepalm facebook hacked - 8437458944
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The Truth is Gettin' Hefty

The Truth is Gettin' Hefty
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Double Standard

instagram sex toys - 8967991808
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You're Not Making a Good Case, AT&T...

at&t phone instagram att - 6677606656
Created by bigjoe714

How Many Girls Do You Think Are In This Optical Illusion Photo?

win optical illusion photo of girls in mirror has internet torn with two answers
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