Harry Potter

Hogwarts and Technology? Sign Me Up!

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By bhamil7762

The Sorcerer is Stoned

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Riding With Swagrid

dumbledore failbook g rated gas station Harry Potter - 6416680192
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That's What You Get for Wearing it Backwards

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Taking a Walk to 12 Grimmauld Place?

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Time to Start Studying Up on My Parceltongue

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By Glen

Emma Watson

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PROTIP: Don't Fall Asleep with Your Phone Out

Harry Potter lol prank school - 4791904768
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The Millennium Falcon Mug

doctor who failbook g rated Harry Potter nerd - 6442979072
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Damn Tricky Muggles

clever Harry Potter parenting trolling - 5906921728
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The Spirit of Magneto-dalf Lives Inside Us All

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By stillcantthinkofname

Want JK Rowling to Acknowledge You on Twitter? Just Have a Baby!

jk rowling congratulates harry potter babies on twitter
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With Friends Like This, Draw Something is Totally Worth Your Time

draw something Harry Potter phone snape mobile games - 8248880384
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Casually Scrolling Through Craigslist

craigslist Harry Potter trolling - 8797433600
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You're an STD, Harry!

Harry Potter witty reply - 4828750080
By S is For Psycho

If Anything, Wizards Have Higher Death Rates Than Normal People

Harry Potter Lord of the Rings dumbledore gandalf The Hobbit wizards - 6261195776
By Unknown
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