Harry Potter

Damn Tricky Muggles

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I Give this Joke a 9.75

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Who's FDR?

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We Solemnly Swear You'll Be Up to No Good With These Sexy Harry Potter Look-a-Like Photos

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The Way Muggles Outsource is Just Shameful

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Gandalf vs. Dumbledore: The Great Debate

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The Poke Heard 'Round The World

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Tweet of the Day: J.K. Rowling’s Perfect Response to a Question About Dumbledore’s Sexuality

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Your Knowledge of Harry Potter Is Spellbinding

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GTL Doesn't Include Reading

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If Anything, Wizards Have Higher Death Rates Than Normal People

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Hit Me Up at My Shack

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You're an Exterminator, Harry!

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He IS Kind of a Jerk

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Emma Watson

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