All the Kids Already Know Your Tricks

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Halloween Costume Ideas

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Every Horror Movie Ever, as Told Through Facebook

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Funny memes for people with dark and twisted humor, nihilist memes, cover image is of a woman and her demon baby. | Woman -  Love My Baby, But Wish He Would Stop Saying This Human Form Is Limiting othing more

30 Twisted Memes And Comics For Lovers Of Dark Humor

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Madeleine Albright Delivers the Twitter Burn of the Year

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Just in Time for Halloween!

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Funny random memes | Girls: Omg don't know wear today boys: 1999 2004 2007 2010 Steve Jobs outfits | i'm not afraid No nut November Then will die braver than most

A Hearty Handful Of Memes For The Bored Masses

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It Only Took a Little Flour to Bring Out What We Always Knew Was the Truth

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Face Your Fears!

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Pro Tips For Spooky Season

thespacemaid if anyone would like to learn a couple tricks for carving pumpkins: - dont cut out the top to scoop out the seeds, cut out the bottom instead. this way the pumpkin doesnt cave in on itself and lasts longer - sprinkle some cinnamon inside at the top after carving. this way when you put the candle in it smells like pumpkin pie topsiders-tanlines this is the quality content I wanna see
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What Do Colton Haynes & Dirk Nowitzki Have in Common? Great Halloween Costumes

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Australia Apparently Doesn't Adhere to Our Holidays

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Nice Correction There, Buddy...

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Yo, While I'm Asking, When's New Years?

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I Predict His Post Will Get A Lot of Notes *wink*

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