Where the Cookies At?

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Granny Call

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By Zedacon

Just When it Couldn't Get More Depressing, Grandma Shows Up

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By planx9

Grandma Got on the Computer Again

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By bacon

Mom and Grandma Are Totally Ruining Your Game

Text - March 1- |and Leslie Having a lovely time with Vanessal was so much eye candy?! - at Babbo Italian Eatery. Like Comment Share Who knew there Vanessa| |Beth and Cindy like this. Eye candy? March 1 at 7:19pm Like Dont worry mom, the eye candy was sarcasm... Nothing but old couples March 1 at 7:24pm Like And what's wrong with old couples? March 2 at 5:46am- Like Absolutely nothing Grandma March 2 at 9:04am Like Write a comment...
By Jenny

Grandma is Certain a Selfie is a Kind of Disease

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BRB, Changing Grandma's Litterbox

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By LanaDarkess

This is Why You Have the Option to Publish Posts to Groups Only

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Classic: A Word of Encouragement From G-Ma

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Grandma Got a Facebook

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How Did Your Grandma Die?

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Grandma Slamming Shots With Sexy Coeds On Spring Break In Cabo Becomes Instant Legend

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Not Even the Grim Reaper Could Stop a Grandma On Her Way to a Hungry Grandkid

Not Even the Grim Reaper Could Stop a Grandma On Her Way to a Hungry Grandkid
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Grandma Isn't Down

birthdays grandma - 4676759552
By Unknown

Hard Decisions

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By powersj9

Not Cool, Grandma

hanging out grandma - 5061990400
By Tim
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