Grandma Needs to Get an XBL Account, Fast

grandma Grand Theft Auto video games - 8077057792
Created by Unknown

Just When it Couldn't Get More Depressing, Grandma Shows Up

Awkward grandma parentbook Valentines day - 8446818048
Created by planx9

Does Nana Have a Last Name?

grandma old people grandparents - 6899929088


drugs grandma rip - 4388271872
Created by Unknown

Your Grandma Looks So Familiar! Do I Know Her From Somewhere?

grandma, captain america, picture, wrong
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The Ol' Silent Treatment

grandma grandmother grandparents - 6534803200
Created by annieLEMON


busted friends games grandma log out p33n - 3271716096
Created by Unknown

Grandma's Not Quite on Board

whoops accidental sexy grandma Easter Bunny - 8476340736
Created by kk281

Grandma Got on the Computer Again

grandma - 7135173376
Created by bacon

Revenge is a cruel isn't it?

balls betty white Featured Fail grandma gross TMI - 5428751360
Created by VonDawn

Grandma is Tired of Your BS, Kids

ouch grandma passive aggressive - 8102891008
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Go Away, Grandma

failbook grandma facebook - 8772871424
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call uncle creepy grandma not the best way to woo a lady public burn - 3572577024
Created by Unknown

Grandmas Everywhere Don't Know How to Use Facebook, and They're Accidentally Signing Off as Grandmaster Flash

whoops grandma parentbook failbook g rated - 8316987136
Via Love, Grampa and Grandmaster Flash

Orange Telecommunications Company Continues to Charge Man's Grandma a Year After She Dies, Mistakenly Calls Her His "Ex-Girlfriend"

customer service orange ex girlfriend grandma failbook g rated - 7306938112
Created by SuperSail

Are We Going Shopping?

mean girls grandma phones texting - 8167395584
Via Brown Cardigan
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