Almost Had It!

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By Unknown

That's Like an Eternity in Coltyn Years

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By thegoddamnneighborhoodwatch

Especially the Ones That Are Way Too Big for Them

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By Unknown

So Irresponsible!

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By Teri

Be More Direct!

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By akedaddy
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Nathan Fielder's Latest Prank Just Ended Countless Relationships

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The Disneyland Test

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By Unknown

Seizing the Day

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By Dr.Char

Thanks, Dad...

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By Unknown

Start Explaining...

Text - <<Girlfriend Saturday at 8:04pm I love texting my boyfriend! :) <3 Like Comment and 7 others like this. Hmm... I don't remember getting any texts from you.. <Boyfriend Saturday at 8:29pm Like 32 Aww, I love texting youtoo :)<Apparent other Boyfriend Johann Saturday at 8:36pm Like 1 Dohann?! You're going out with ERE I THOUGHT WE W FRIENDS! Saturday at 8:56pm Like 2 START Johann EXPLAINING, BITCH Saturday at 11:08pm via mobile Like WHAT?1? |I THOUGHT YOU BROKE UP WITH5 Write a comment....
By Unknown

It's Unanimous

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By Unknown

Getting in Line

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By caffeinediary

Keul It With the Attitude, Man!

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By Unknown
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