Somebody Hasn't Actually Read Any Good Poetry

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By Unknown

Getting in Line

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By caffeinediary

The Sting of Rejection

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By Unknown

The Disneyland Test

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By Unknown

That's Like an Eternity in Coltyn Years

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By thegoddamnneighborhoodwatch

Be More Direct!

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By akedaddy

Oh Well, Time to Use the 'Fast Hands' Perk

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By Unknown

So Irresponsible!

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By Teri

Almost Had It!

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By Unknown

It's Unanimous

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Burning an Ex

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By madmoo9

Hint, Hint...

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By Unknown

That Must've Hurt...

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By Unknown
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20 of Our Favorite Reactions to #NationalBoyfriendDay

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Dislike: Girls Who Are Overly Defensive

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By bulimicpiggy

Totally Not Weird, Bro

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By Sven22
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