When the Bae Becomes a Walker

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Pick Up TP on the Way!

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Remember Valentine's Day... OR ELSE!

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usain bolt girlfriends

A Picture of Usain Bolt Making Out With a Random in Rio Has Terrified the Internet

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Wait... OMG!

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Can't Talk, Beating the Panthers

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Definitions of Trust

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I Bet She Does

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Apparently They Want To Get Dumped

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A Little Dose of Ex Pwnage

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Now We Wait...

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Man Seeking Woman (With No Knowledge of Common Poisons)

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True Love

Text - hobbit trailer comes on i say "i wanna see that" GF says "i know wanna see where you come from" Unlike Comment Share 7 minutes ago - You like this. HAHAHAHAHA BEST GF BURN EVER!!!!! 4 minutes ago Like /tumblr_miptwdBG1elqdcchso1_500.jpg tumblr_m1ptwdBG1e1qdcchso1_50o.jpg LEGEN WAITFORIT DARY

Did it Get Creepy in Here or is it Just Us?

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Can the Weekend Get Any Worse? Yes, Yes It Can!

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Your Affection Wasn't Very Effective...

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