Instagram Moves at the Speed of Jealousy

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Don't Be a Meanface, Andrew!

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Once They Realized How Long It's Been...

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You Know She's Getting Clingy

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I Don't Remember Being Able to List Size in My Facebook Details

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Survival Journal, Day Three of "The Move-in"

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When the Bae Becomes a Walker

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Believe in the Power of Bae

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A Little on the Harsh Side

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funny tweets | Hoemar @Hoemar 15h 4 months after getting know each other like f why wait so asked her be my girlfriend 158 795 Hoemar @Hoemar 15h WORST MISTAKE MY DAMN LIFE YO

Guy's Twitter Story About His Psycho Ex Will Leave You Feeling SHOOK

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Not You, My Other Girlfriend!

Text - Haden Loves his new phone and can't wait to see my girl soon :) Like Comment Share 17 hours ago via mobile likes this. Taryn Can't wait to see you too boo 15 hours ago via mobile Like | Wow taryn I was talking about shelbie Haden 15 hours ago via mobile Like Taryn 13 hours ago via mobile Like oh... Ouch,,, okay Haden Yeah 13 hours ago via mobile Like Write a comment...
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The Spouse That Wouldn't Die

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No Cheating, No Resuscitation

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Man Seeking Woman (With No Knowledge of Common Poisons)

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That's Illegal!

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