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Ridiculously Overprotective Boyfriend Refuses to Let Girlfriend Go Out, Ignites String of Enraged Reactions From Internet

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Vegan, But Without All That Vegan Crap

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Created by jameseatscheese

Ex-Girlfriend, Wat R U Doin'?

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Luv Her So Much

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This Girlfriend Atrocity Must Stop

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Via Brown Cardigan

Romance is Dead

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Created by SewerShark

You're Gonna Need a Girlfriend for That Burn

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Created by Unknown

Well Played

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Via cringingface

The Eternal Battle Between Girlfriend and Tacky

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Via Cant_stop_Texas

Can't Talk, Beating the Panthers

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Created by aj

Baby, You've Got Me Under Your Spell(ing)

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Plot Twist: Girlfriend Was Arbys the Whole Time

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No Seriously, I Need Wheels Bae

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Via theyswlalow

Guys Take Note

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Your Affection Wasn't Very Effective...

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Created by Ortund

Getting Back at the Magic Nerds

Via seekerofshells
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