Ex-Girlfriend, Wat R U Doin'?

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Created by Unknown

She'll Think It's Hilarious!

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Commence Sobbing!

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Bro... Get Over It...

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Created by Unknown

She's a Bit Tart Isn't She?

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Girlfriend Gifts Boyfriend Big Blanket With Her Butt On It, But We're All Confused About the Location

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That's His Girl Now

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A Little on the Harsh Side

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This Guy Makes Big Sacrifices for Love

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Created by Unknown

Doesn't Matter, Have Corporeal Form

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Created by Unknown

Run Dude!!!

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Created by urbanchick

This is Strictly a "Bowl of Cereal" Favor

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Survival Journal, Day Three of "The Move-in"

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Created by Gideon33w

The Eternal Battle Between Girlfriend and Tacky

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That Moment Wen Ur GF Dumps U Lmfaooooo Lololeololelelel

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Created by Unknown

Two Texts Don't Make a Right

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