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One Pup, Pup for Sale!

dogs pets for sale trade - 8329636608
Created by Unknown

What's That About "Brand New"?

gross facepalm for sale failbook g rated - 8431258624
Via violetmoose

I'll Take Two Batches of Six, Please

for sale free stuff math - 8331554560
Created by Unknown

Selling More Than You Bargained for

whoops cars for sale - 8159593472
Created by chubtor

Jose Canseco Has an Impromptu Twitter Garage Sale

jose canseco guns twitter baseball for sale - 8380954624
Via JoseCanseco

We All Learned Something That Day

fap accidental sexy for sale free stuff pr0n - 8307230976
Created by mysdimenor

Kids Are Spoiled With Imaginary Playsets These Days

toys for sale kids these days - 8267443712
Created by Unknown

Gee, I Don't Know...

for sale knives reading comprehension - 7905320960

And You Thought Single-Ply Was Uncomfortable...

toilet paper for sale bathroom oh god why failbook - 8389120512
Created by terjegirl

Pay More, Get More Junk!

for sale free stuff math - 8296984064
Created by FlutterStacy

What Mad Engineering Are You Doing?

for sale what free stuff DIY - 8447417856
Created by pupista

Depending on What My Partner Says...

for sale facebook books irony - 8600159744
Created by y2joudrey

You're Going to do WHAT With Those Dogs?

dogs christmas for sale puppy failbook - 8391471872
Created by Kendra

Can't Tell If Trolling or Really That Innocent

trolling memes dog collar for sale

Oh Yeah, the Broken TV Market is BOOMING

for sale what TV - 8395040768
Via Scootipuff

Still a Better Deal Than a WiiU

for sale trade video games - 8034972672
Created by Unknown
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