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Do You Want to Thaw a Baby~

toys puns for sale frozen - 8398807296
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Will Trade: One Daughter for Good Relationship OBO

mother Awkward for sale parentbook trade daughter mom - 8469473792

You're Going to do WHAT With Those Dogs?

dogs christmas for sale puppy failbook - 8391471872
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Jose Canseco Has an Impromptu Twitter Garage Sale

jose canseco guns twitter baseball for sale - 8380954624
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How's Your Browser History Doing?

whoops for sale groupon sexy times - 8473490688
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So, Which Half is Tuna?

facepalm for sale spelling failbook g rated - 8051960832
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We're Only Halfway There on the Price

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Pay More, Get More Junk!

for sale free stuff math - 8296984064
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call it $90 and We Have a Deal!

for sale math - 8277895936
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Passive Fires?

Babies for sale spelling - 8224489216
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The Text of a Child's Heart Breaking

for sale bike texting - 8357417216
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You Will Not Survive the Apocalypse, Sorry

guns for sale facepalm - 8174909184
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Do You Also Have Oceanside Arizona Property to Sell?

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The Lowest We Can Go is $35 a Month for the Rest of Your Life, Sorry

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Anybody Want These Light-Up Giblets?

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Anybody Want This Creepy Elmo Skin?

costume for sale - 8426152192
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