The Circle of Reptilian Life

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Snapchat is Where Poetry Goes to Die

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Via Sofa Pizza

What's My Balance?

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There's an "Offchance" Things Are Never Going to Get Less Awkward

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Created by Unknown

The Power of Twitter Catches an Adulterer in the Act

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Created by NickCB ( Via Happy Place )

A Reminder: The Thirst is Everywhere

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Women Can Feel the Thirst too

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Created by susieB

Teasing For Snickers and Giggles

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We Have a Real Charmer Here

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By All Means, Continue With the Awkwardly Terrible Flirting

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It's All About the Potassium

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A Real Sensitive Guy

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He's Cute, but Not Very Bright

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Created by Egbert

Everybody Gets One (Unsolicited Message From Spider-Man)

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Things Went From Decent to Weird

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Created by TeknoDemon

Cereal Always Takes Priority

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