There's an "Offchance" Things Are Never Going to Get Less Awkward

flirting cringe dating - 8213678080
Created by Movie Guy

A Special Achievement in "Not Getting It"

flirting cringe Awkward failbook - 8279288320
Created by Unknown

Snapchat is Where Poetry Goes to Die

flirting weather poetry snapchat failbook - 8235716352
Via Sofa Pizza

Those Bug Eyes Get Me Every Time

flirting prank dating - 8333154816
Via Brown Cardigan

Way to Come on Strong, Chief

flirting relationships texting weird - 8198840064
Via Brown Cardigan

The Power of Twitter Catches an Adulterer in the Act

failbook flirting married - 6303804160
Created by NickCB ( Via Happy Place )

You Had Me at "Randy Skinhead"

flirting no thanks oh god why - 8427398656
Created by Mel

Hot Chore Action

Via Acid Cow

How is This an Acceptable Method of Flirting?

flirting cringe Awkward - 8217250048
Via ShadeeLeeann

Everybody Gets One (Unsolicited Message From Spider-Man)

twitter flirting Spider-Man failbook g rated - 8368636416
Via Brown Cardigan

He Knows Just How to Drive the Ladies Wild

Via Epic Ponyz

A Reminder: The Thirst is Everywhere

flirting cringe Awkward thirsty nicki minaj - 8373484800
Created by Unknown

Ever Been so Oblivious You Didn't Realize You Were Being Hit on?

Via robotron91

Women Can Feel the Thirst too

flirting dude parts Overshare thirsty sexy times - 8403472640
Created by susieB

What's My Balance?

flirting dating dating fails g rated - 6993957632
Created by Unknown

Assassin's Creed Wins This Time

boyfriend flirting texting video games failbook g rated - 8291899904
Via Acid Cow
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